Character Creation

Characters will be created using the skills and powers book as well as the first edition Unearthed Arcana table of rolling up ability scores.

Max ability scores are 18/00 for strength and 19 for anything else.

Characters will be getting a +1 to add to an attribute every 4 levels so keep that in mind when rolling.

Any class can specialize in one weapon, however, if it is a non- fighter you will suffer a 20% reduction in XP for the time it takes away from your class to train in that weapon.

Fighters of course can specialize in whatever they want with no limit to number of weapons at no penalty.

There are no elves in this campaign.

Orcs and Half-Orcs are allowed as a player race.

Humans get +2 to spend on their attributes at time of character creation.

There are no race level limits.

There are extraordenary strength limits per 1st edition (Dwarves limit is 18/99, Halfling and Gnome Limits are 18/50, Orcs will be the same as elf 18/75, Humans 18/00)

There are no multiclass characters in this campaign.

Humans can dual class but I ask to really think about the disadvantages to being low level when other characters are 5+ levels higher than you. With the new spell rules it will mean that players will usually be at full strength at each encounter so to make it challenging I will have to make encounters tougher.

There are no priests in the campaign.

There are paladins and they are the only class besides the druid that have priest spells.

Crossbow damage as stated in the skills and tactics book

Crossbow and Bow damage and to hit modifiers from abilities will come from Dex

I will be giving 10% XP reward to the person keeping up with loot.

I encourage druids and ranger classes to view the Everquest Spells and convert those that you think will enhance your playing experience.

When writing your characters background please include a story to how you ended up in Freeport to make the first meeting easier and the beginning adventure will be starting in this city.

XP will be given for roleplaying

Hope everyone has fun

Character Creation

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